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Everyone deserves a solid foundation. Over time, your foundation can crack or suffer structural damage that can leave it on uncertain footing. With Power Stroke’s expertise and experienced foundation repair specialists, we focus on elevating your home or property safely and securely.  Our team collaborates with you on designing all aspects of your home or property elevation and enhancement project, committed to quality control and availability. 

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Why let the problems continue to cause your home and property further damage; damage that will not only cost you more money in repairs but dramatically lowers the value of your property.



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We help get your family back in your home safely through certified, licensed, and expert rock work and foundation repair services. Your family deserves a house built on a solid foundation, and we understand sometimes the elements of nature and time cause damage to that very foundation. No need to worry, Power Stroke has the knowledge and experience to get your home’s foundation back on solid ground in no time.



Foundation Repair Services

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We do the job right the first time with integrity & professionalism.  With 20+ years of experience, Power Stroke has been restoring foundations, providing home shoring and leveling as well as rock work services with a family approach. We proudly service the Hudson Valley, NY area and treat every customer as part of the Power Stroke family.